Our agency is rooted in the friendship of its three founders – and even today we are friends first, and business partners second.
This way of thinking also forms the basis of communication with our customers, communication with you. What sets us apart from most of our competitors is our approachable and uncomplicated manner. We not only want to be a service provider, but far more a realiable partner, who will go through thick and thin with you.

We will be at your side right from the outset with lots of heart, mind and passion. And all of this extremely disciplined and interdisciplinary. We are passionate about giving your brand character, breathing life into it and letting it grow – graphically, acoustically and cinematically - from a single agency!


The basis: analysis, define targets and target groups, develop strategies and messages. Before starting to create, one needs to determine the state of your brand communication, where it is supposed to head and how we can bring you there at the best.


The fun begins. We develop the creative basic concept, translate the strategy in shape and colour. Depending on task, we present the first drafts for your new logo, motives for you campaign, or the storyboard for your film – in the best of cases already everything, and harmonised.


Ideas are only as good as their realisation. Therefore, we stand at your side during production, with lots of commitment and even more know-how. We handle realisation across all media and adapt your concept for all desired media and formats.

Thirteen years ago we moored at Muenster harbour. What began as a dinghy crew of three has meanwhile grown to a crew of ten. We think and work intermedially. Should things become very special, we quickly find support from our strong network.


We have said enough. Our deeds stand for themselves.


  • Afrika Festival Münster
  • Airscreen
  • Allwetterzoo Münster
  • Alpentines
  • Apicula Personaldienstleistungen
  • Augenarztzentrum Lingen
  • Brasilien-Zentrum der WWU Münster
  • Bürgerstiftung Münster e.V.
  • Cineplex Deutschland
  • Cineplex Münster
  • Coler Systems
  • Constructa
  • Deutsche Jeansmanufaktur
  • Dermatest
  • English Drama Project
  • Ernsting’s family
  • Exchampion
  • Filmfestival Münster
  • Filmwerkstatt Münster
  • Freiwilligenagentur Münster
  • Hamacher Logistik
  • Helmholtz-Gymnasium Essen
  • Integrationsrat der Stadt Münster
  • International Office der WWU Münster
  • IWW Institut für Wissen in der Wirtschaft
  • Janssen-Cilag
  • Jochen Pohl
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Kaffee-Partner
  • Kinderfilmfest Münster
  • Kuhlmann Küchen
  • Krebsberatungsstelle Münster
  • LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur
  • Maas Natur
  • McAirlaids
  • Medicus Wesken Gesundheitszentum Lingen
  • Rechtsanwalt Minoggio
  • MWIA Weltärztinnenkongress
  • Nordrhein-Westfälisches Landgestüt
  • OIKO Credit
  • Paracelsus-Kliniken Deutschland
  • Pollux by Cineplex
  • Quadrat P
  • Reckers Logistik
  • Ritzenhoff
  • Russische Filmtage NRW
  • Sebastian Witte
  • SEND
  • sieger design
  • Solidarität Niger e.V.
  • Stadt Münster
  • Stiftung Mitmachkinder
  • Studioraum
  • SuperBioMarkt
  • UKM Universitätsklinikum Münster
  • Ventana Deutschland
  • VHS Münster
  • We are Beauty
  • Weliver
  • Westfälisch-Lippischer Landwirtschaftsverband
  • WWU Münster
  • ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival

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